E-Giving (by NCS Services)

Using E-giving allows you to make contributions using a credit/debit card or an electronic withdrawal from your bank account. You can give quickly and easily as a “guest”, or set up an account for ongoing giving.  You can direct your gifts to General Fund, or break them down into several other funds if you wish.  (NOTE:  3% of your donation is the fee for using this online service.)



ACH Direct Payments

ACH direct payment (automatic withdrawal) is also a convenient option for your tithing.  If you are not computer savvy but you would like the convenience of automatic withdrawal, we at Spider Lake Church can set this up for you.  Your checking or savings account can be debited automatically either every week, once a month, or twice a month. You can also specify a breakdown of your total contribution (to separate funds, if desired), and you may discontinue this service at any time you choose. Simply download and fill out the form below and turn in to the Spider Lake Church Secretary.

ACH Authorization PDF


If you have any questions about any of these giving options, feel free to contact the church secretary at:



Thrivent Financial “Choice Dollars”

Members of THRIVENT FINANCIAL can direct grant funding to Spider Lake Church

Are you a member of Thrivent Financial who’s eligible to direct Choice Dollars®?

If you have insurance or investments through Thrivent Financial, you may be eligible to recommend that Thrivent distribute a portion of its charitable grant funds to Spider Lake Church.  Directing Choice Dollars is easy…..simply visit their website (here) to learn more and find program terms and conditions. Or call 800-847-4836 and say “Thrivent Choice” after the prompt.