I know tattoos are and have always been a topic of controversy. Everyone has their opinions about them and they are all valid and respected. Just as politics, religion and many other topics, we will never see eye to eye on a lot of things, and that’s why I’m leaving that topic off for now. The reason why I am sharing these pictures are for something different. I have these two tattoos on my arms because a while back I was going through a season where God was doing something really deep within me. A work of convincing, conviction and captivating that led me to encounter this truth that rang super deeply in my heart and that brought me to a place of awareness and understanding that I had never experience before. One of those “a-ha!” moments that completely changed the way I looked at my relationship with God and at God Himself!

It was the revelation, the truth of God’s sufficiency in my life, in our lives, and in our world! The revelation of Him being enough, more than enough, to fill, fulfill, complete, provide, everything in everything!

That He is indeed, the GREAT I AM!

The song goes like this “And oh, I’m running to your arms, I’m running to your arms, THE RICHES OF YOUR LOVE WILL ALWAYS BE ENOUGH…” and then there’s this part that says “my heart will sing no other Name, Jesus, Jesus…”. And this is where this truth hit me really hard. Our hearts have been made, created and design to worship. And we are all worshipping something. We are all running somewhere for our comfort, our worth, our value, our peace, our joy, our significance, our love. We are all giving ourselves and of our time to look for ways to be happy, to be fulfilled, to be full, to be comforted, to be at peace, to find joy, etc. And we are all in some way or another in a hot pursuit for that which will make us feel satisfied. But let me tell you what I’ve found…”salvation (meaning, peace, joy, love, comfort, peace, wellness, fulfillment, worth, value, freedom, etc) is found nowhere else, for there is no other name under heaven given to man by which we can be saved” ACTS 4:12

This is what salvation means. And it is found nowhere else. No where else that you are looking in! Stop it! It’s not there. There’s only one place. David says in in Psalms 73:25 “Whom do I have in heaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire more than you; my heart and my flesh may fail, but God, YOU’RE THE STRENGTH OF MY HEART AND MY PORTION FOREVER!!!”

So, what are you in pursuit of and where are you trying to find it? MY HEART WILL SING (look for, pursue, believe, trust, surrender to, yield to, worship, lift my eyes to) NO OTHER NAME, JESUS, JESUS!!!

Here’s my prayer today:

  • Father, i want you so much more than anything else on earth. My soul can feel the deep cry for you and for your courts, knowing and realizing and being aware that nothing on this earth could ever satisfy and fill me with life, wholeness, fullness, meaning, worth, value, joy, peace, love the way you can.
  • In fact, I wasn’t meant to find it anywhere else.
  • Only in you. Everything else is fake. Everything else falls short. My heart aches cause it realizes and feels also the deep cry of the flesh for the things of this earth. It is a battle that i know has been won, yet the intensity and reality of it can be felt in my chest, as it struggles to truly give you everything and yield to your love.
  • Why is it that our hearts, my heart, refuses to yield, to believe, to trust, to embrace the very thing that can satisfy me and complete me?
  • Why is it that my heart battles your love, your pursuit, your calling me to your side, to your courts?
  • Why does my heart rejects the invitation to dwell with you, to abide in you, to listen to you, to hear your words, to let them wash over me and speak into the core of who I am?
  • Why do i fight your spirit and your prompting to let go of all I am and find that as i lose everything i hold dear and that deceitfully keeps me trapped in a false security I will find the very thing I am divinely longing for?
  • Daddy, let my spirit and my soul be swept away, struck down and completely submitted to the furious strength and power of your love, that i might have no other choice but to completely yield, surrender and allow myself to be captivated, enamored and committed to your heart.
  • That in every way my heart will belong to you!
  • That no matter what the situation, the challenge, the struggle, the fight, the battle, the trial, my heart will SING NO OTHER NAME!!!