I’ve been reading this book called “Abiding in Christ” by Andrew Murray, and I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before.
But I cannot tell you enough the truths and the insight these words, based entirely on the word of God, are bringing into my soul. They’re SO RICH!

Yet, I am the first one to continue to confess that it is not the reading and knowing of these words that has any effect on anyone, but the embracing, the meditating, the abiding, the mulling over and the deep, consuming passion to take these words and allow them to sink in and have the effect they’re meant to have on my heart that will make the difference in mine and anyone’s life!

The word of God needs to be something that we look at with a prayerful and honest heart and attitude. This is the INSPIRED, GOD-BREATHED WORD OF THE LIVING GOD, OUR FATHER. IT IS HOW HE SPEAKS TO US. And it says right there, in His word, that it is meant to penetrate, cut through, dig deep, expose, and reveal the deepest, darkest, most shameful and ugly things in our lives so that we can experience life, peace, freedom and true love and abundance.

His word is full of promises, liberating truth, wisdom, revelation, understanding, guidance, common sense and insight that is meant to give us the tools to experience this season, this life, this journey the way it was meant to be experienced and lived out. To go through this journey with all its challenges, trials, mountains to climb and valleys to go through, painful moments and out-of-this world thrills and joys in the assurance and the peace that our Father in heaven is in full control of it all, and that in everything He truly is working His best for each one of us.

To realize that His truth and ways, as backwards as they might initially look and sound like, when we take the time to meditate and think about them, they actually make the most sense.

To lose it all to gain it all. To give it all up to receive it all. To die so that we might live. To empty ourselves that we might be filled. To give so that we can receive. To bless when we are cursed. To love those who hate us. To believe before we see and feel.

Think about those things. They’re so opposite of what we learn as we grow up, as we go through life. And then we wonder why does the world seem to lost, broken, backwards and hopeless?

It’s all there. He shows us. He tells us. He warns us. He cries out to us!!!

So, when you wake up in the morning, what is your source that you go to? What do you stake your life on? What’s the place that you go to to find everything you need to face the day’s challenges and events?

Where do you put your hope, your trust, your well-being? Where do you go to to find true peace, meaning, worth, joy, love, forgiveness, your identity?

Dad, may you be the only place we recognize, embrace and pursue as the source for any and every single one of our needs. May we believe that truly there’s nowhere and nothing else that could satisfy and fulfill our heart’s deepest longings and desires. That we will realize and believe that we were created to only find our meaning, worth and purpose in you and you alone! In Jesus’ name…AMEN!