trying to prove or disprove God based on our own wisdom and understanding is the most arrogant things ever.

You could say that then God is arrogant by trying to dictate what is true or not, but this is where the conflict is.

Trying to explain that the complexity of an atom, a cell, the human body, the miracle of conception and birth, or the seasons, or the growth of a plant, or the blooming of a flower, or whatever else you can think of about creation, and say that it happened all by chance, it takes more “faith and absolute craziness” than to actually believe that it all has a creator, that someone actually thought of that.

And why? Because we boasts ourselves about our “great accomplishments and achievements” when we “create” something, and yet we are contradicting ourselves. What if we said that everything that humanity has accomplished actually happened by chance?

It is like when God answered Job.

Who are we to think that we could debate God from within our own human limitations?

We are bound by time and space, our understanding is very limited and shallow and futile.

Here we have a concept of a God who created everything, who made the sun and moon and stars and everything in the universe. If He’s true and real, then it makes sense that we cannot explain Him.

If He’s not bound by space, by our own wisdom and by our own understanding, then of course we cannot make sense of injustice, or pain, or the future, or the present, or the human soul, or anything else. We are trying to understand it from our “human” wisdom. We are telling God that if it doesn’t make sense within our human wisdom then it must be false, or unreal, or fake, or far-fetched.

But really? Is it really that way?

Could it be that pain, sorrow, trouble, evil, injustice, and all the other things we think about and complain about and debate about trying to so arrogantly decide whether there’s a God or not, trying to disprove him actually make sense in “divine wisdom” realm?

Seriously, think about it. That is why is called faith. But you tell me it’s “foolish faith”.

But i say your faith is “foolish” as well cause honestly i think it takes “more guts about being stupid and wrong” to believe that it all happens by chance. I cannot begin to fathom the idea of believing this way. It is ludacris!!!

Go ahead and live this way if you want. It doesn’t bother me. But when you question my faith, I’m sorry to say that this is where the buck stops.

Arguing about God and his existence is so futile. He either exists or not. But is he doesn’t then life truly is worthless and meaningless, so why live?

There’s no true purpose. No true sense. It’s all happening by chance. So forget truth, love, justice, kindness, forgiveness, family, loyalty, peace, etc. It doesn’t exist either. They’re all relevant subjects, subjected to our own application of the “concept”. Whatever i think it’s true is what matters.

But whenever it messes with your definition or concept of truth then we have a problem. Cause each one of these topics are relevant to each person.

The way each of us interprets it then makes it real.

Forget about God and an intelligent design with an intelligent operations manual and with guidance for living and breathing and loving and being loved. Forget about a life with purpose and with a system of right and wrong, blessings and curses, and with a promise of life in abundance.

THat’s too far fetched.

You believe the wind cause you feel it. But you can’t see it.

The trinity makes no sense, right? Cause we have the ultimate wisdom that allows us to judge and put on trial that entity which whether you believe it or not ultimately made us and has our lives in his hands.

We are putting God on trial based on our own broken, flawed and twisted judgement. GOOD LUCK!!!

Rejecting God or the concept of God comes more from a desire of rejecting everything he stands for based on my perception of how things should be an look like and make sense. Again, based in my own wisdom.

And we reject these things so that we can be entitled to live life our own way under our own rules and control, claiming that we can live with no regrets and no consequences. But we find this impossible, cause no matter how we “choose to live” we cannot escape conscience and guilt and shame and torment. Because they’re things wisely designed to point us back to God, to our need for fulfillment and peace and wholeness. Crazy, uh? WE are designed to be accountable and to belong!!!